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How Nhv.Org Adds Calendars to the System
Did you know that one of the most difficult things to find online is a single comprehensive calendar with all of the local information about public events?

NhvCal seeks to perform that function for the whole city, using a complex method of embedding calendar data that you create.  All you need is to have a website with a calendar that you update on a regular basis.  Take for example the calendar for the CT Folk Festival.  On their calendar page, there's a button which says "Add to Google."

This could be useful to just about anyone who is looking for things to do.  That information is often tweeted to our over 500+ followers on Twitter.  That number is growing.  When you delete an event, or reschedule something, it will change that information displayed publicly on Nhv.Org, automatically.  Sign up and start bringing more people to your events with this neat tool.